What is the key for the energy-saving effect improvement?

TCA can offer energy audit for oil hydraulic in Machining Line and chillers system among your production department. In which we study your existing installations and identify area of improvement.

  Do you know? Actual conditions of energy consumption in factory process lines.

45% of total power consumption in factory is consumed in machining line.70% of machining line is the fixed consumption regardless of production volume.

Most of the fixed consumption consists of hydraulic unit, oil cooing, and coolant pump. Though it is important to reduce these three parts, nobody touched this area because of direct influence on production. Energy-saving activity by reviewing machining facilities is indispensable to protect environment and improve productivity.

In some of the areas we can offer our Daikin, Japan make state of the art Hybrid Oil Hydraulic & Chillers systems for achieving efficiencies and energy saving. Daikin have done lot of audits and successfully achieved desired results, which can be reviewed in case studies.

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