Hydraulics products

“Oil hydraulics” is a term for power-converting or power-transmitting systems and devices that actuate hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic motors and such by controlling three elements (i.e. pressure, flow rate and direction) of oil discharged from a hydraulic pump while the systems and devices provide turning force to the hydraulic pump.
Making a good use of the oil characteristics in such a manner that the functions required for a task are fully exploited collectively means utilization of hydraulics. The hydraulics application field has been greatly expanding as the demands for automation and labor-saving have increased. The hydraulic technologies have made remarkable progress and development.

 Features of oil hydraulics

[1] Compact in size, big output power
[2] Linear power adjustment is available
[3] Linear speed adjustment is available
[4] Easy to control the direction of motion
[5] Simple overload safety device is applicable
[6] Accumulating of energy is available
[7] Lubricative and rust-preventive working oil prevents moving parts from wearing


Construction equipment: Bulldozer, Excavator, truck crane
Transporting equipment: Forklift, dump truck, cement mixer truck
Vessel deck machinery: Winch, steering engine
Machine tool: Lathe, miller, driller, machining center
Steel machinery: Shearing machine, coil winding/rewinding machine
Metal machinery: Casting machine
Synthetic resin: machines for injection molding, Corepull, extrusion molding and foam molding
Wood working machinery: Hot press, wood transporting vehicle
Bookbinding and printing: Cutting machine, offset printing machine, rotary press
Others: Incinerator, amusement facility, industrial robot