TCA Trading Platform  –   Your Business accelerator in India

India is big, multi-cultured and beautiful country. Business is conducted within extremely hierarchical and labour-intensively specialised structures. For a foreign business, a professionally executed and successfully managed operation in India is only commercially viable at a turnover rate that is likely to be out of reach for a new business. Companies with commercial ambitions in India are therefore faced with extremely high up-front costs, organisational overload and generally incalculable obstacles in their day-to-day operations.

Through our integrated service package the TCA team can take care of all administrative and operational aspects of your India venture using our well-established trading platform and countrywide service infrastructure. The systematic alignment of services allows us to offer a highly professional, complete and optimized solution at a much lower cost than possible if setting up your own infrastructure from scratch. This will give your business a clear market advantage over those who “go it alone”.
Our highly qualified teams, consisting of administrative staff, accountants and tax advisers, bookkeepers, experienced logistics specialists and IT experts, advertising experience guarantee the professional handling of all processes and aspects of your business in India that you choose to leave in our hands. So you’re free to concentrate on what you do best.


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