DAIKIN  TM Series Positioning  Motor

Daikin Positioning motor (TM series)


  • Oil hydraulic mechanism
    The system deciding a revolution’s position of hydraulic mechanism developed by our own technologies based on the orbit motor of low speed with high torque and low noise.
  • Small & compact
    Built in the mechanism concerning to a revolution, reducing speed and deciding position of revolution. The small sized unit that all components are integrated into one equipment without piping.
  • Indexing shorten time
    With the good response of the built-up process and with the adoption of the reduction speed cam and the mechanic valve, the precise speed reduction can be obtained. Accordingly, the shock-less cease can be done in a short time without miss-index.
  • High accuracy positioning
    There are three kinds indexing number 1/rev, 2/rev, 3/rev, while there are two kinds of groove shapes for positioning, V groove with high accuracy (±0.1°) and R groove with loose angle for an auxiliary positioning urpose.
  • Simple control & Simple handling
    Since it is actuated only by ON/OFF of solenoid valve, the control and handling is vary simple.
  • Any choice of forwarding pitch
    The any choice of forwarding pitch makes it possible to carry out a smooth pitch forwarding.