Super Unit


Energy-savingDaikin Super Unit

Energy-savings of 50% (20.6MPa at pressure retained) is realized to give extraordinary cost performance.

  • Air-conditioning motor inverter technology and tandem pump selecting control technology are fused to attain high energy saving effects.
  • Not only at retained pressure but also in the field of general industrial machinery where actuators are frequently operated, such high-efficiency motors will greatly reduce power consumption and other energy savings.

Low heat generation

In view of the energy-saving goal, generation of heat is dramatically suppressed and the load to the air-conditioning unit is low.

  • This reduces the load on the air-conditioning unit.Saves energy that generates heat providing the following benefits:
  • Preventing rise of oil temperature and deterioration of operating oil
  • Space savings and the reduction oil capacity given that tank size is reduced
  • Eliminates the need of an oil cooler
  • Suppresses the load on the air-conditioning unit

Low noise

Low noise 60dB (A) (20.6MPa at retained pressure) is achieved. In all of the operation areas, the noise is 70dB (A) or less.

  • The motor is controlled at a lowest optimum speed under retained pressure condition by the inverter which achieves the extremely low noise level.
  • The phase-differential tandem pump attains low pulsation and low noise (Double-pump specification)

Multi-step pressure / flow rate control

Pressure and shock-less control is possible by use of software & control.

  • Pressure and flow rate (PQ) characteristics with 4 an up to 16 patterns are preset by the control unit.
  • Selection and input of these patterns on the main machine side, making staged pressure and flow rate control easily managed.

Communication / remote control
Remote control of multi-step pressure/flow rate (Function: -C)

  • With commercial PLC* equipped with RS232C communication function, touch-panel display and others on the machine side, pressure/flow rate, acceleration/deceleration time constants and other parameters can be set and displayed.Therefore, remote control of multi-step pressure/flow rate, monitoring pressure and other functions are also available.
    *PLC: Programmable Logic Controller