Rotor pump

Daikin RP series rotor pump


  • Low Noise
    The adoption of our own low noise technology realizes to reduce the operation noise so
    great as 10~15dB (in comparison with our own products) and improve the sound quality.
  • Compactness
    The one housing structure enables it to shorten the length so much as 40% in comparison
    with our existing models. It results in easy handling and compactness of the machine.
  • Low pulsation
    The pulsation has reduced by 50% in comparison with our existing models.
  • High reliability
    Because of the hermetic structure such that the shaft is not out of the casing, it doesn’t
    need an oil seal and no oil leak will happen. Besides, the temperature rise in the motor
    coil is small due to the motor oil cooling structure. Consequently, the structure makes it
    possible to operate pumps in a long term overload conditions.
  • Coping with CE
    Since these models are equipped with the terminal box of IP54 based on the International
    Standards (IEC34-1 and others), the models are the best suited for coping with the
    Europe safety standards (CE).