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Daikin Oil hydraulics – Japan

TCA is an authorised representative of Daikin Oil hydraulics, Japan. Daikin is a global company with over 200 affiliates and 90+ years of experience.

Daikin is heralded for their concern for the environment. They are the number one air conditioning manufacturer in the world, and hold more than 40% of the market share in the machine tool industry. Daikin Eco-Rich Hydraulic Units provide dramatic energy savings.

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Apart from Hydraulics known application in all Machine Tool industry, Daikin Eco Rich and SUT (Super Eco Rich or Super unit) is ideal for Core pull application (unwind rack molds) too. It works in all major makes INJECTION MOLDING MACHINES in plastic industry like Mitsubishi, JSW, Milacron, Sumitomo, Nigata, Toyo and other European, American, Asian and Japanese major makes. It’s a hybrid.. servo driven hydraulic power pack having advantages like

–          Save 60% to 65% energy saving in presently installed traditional hydraulic unit for core pull
–          Cooling water is not required to run the Eco Rich or SUT unit
–          Core pull hybrid hydraulic unit is very silent… just 60 to 68 dba noise level.
–          Its operates just above the room temperature
–          Its Daikin, Japan inverter technology based.

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These units are Ex-Stock available in India and can be customised as per your specifications.


Super EcoRich



Ultimate energy-saving 95%
Ultimate energy-savings is realized by use of the idle stop function.

  • The Super EcoRich ensures ultimate energy-saving by providing our idle stop function which stops the pump under pressure-retained condition.

Compact design
Additional energy-savings is realized as a result of reduction in heat generation. Our design allows for a smaller tank size and reduces operating capacity by 60% (in comparison with EcoRich).

  • Operating capacity is reduced by 60% in comparison with Daikin EcoRich.
  • Tank size is reduced by 50% due to the amount of operating oil required is significantly reduced.

Six axes pressure control
Solenoid valves may be equipped up to six control axes.

  • Solenoid valve operation is an integral function of the hydraulic unit. Main machine is required only to execute commands.
  • Solenoid valves are equipped starting at three control axes and up to six control axes as required.

Improving the processing accuracy of machine tools
The processing accuracy of the machine is improved through suppression of heat generation.

  • Heat distortion is reduced through the use of our idle stop function. This function improves the processing accuracy of the machine.
  • Through the control of pressure and solenoid valves, pressure surge is reduced when hydraulic actuators cycle (I.E. clamp and unclamp functions)

Easy maintenance
Easy maintenance and reduced operating oil

  • With a low heat generation, the traditional oil cooler is eliminated. With the oil cooler being eliminated, the need to clean dust and oil mist is a thing of the past. The ease of maintenance also adds to the ease of mind not having to be concerned about monitoring operating oil temperature rise or fluctuation.
  • Our tank size is significantly reduced to 5 liters. Maintaining and disposing of operating oil is dramatically simplified because of the low heat generation advantage. An added key benefit is the reduction of environmental impact.

EcoRich/EcoRich R



Epoch-making energy-saving 50%(Compared to our product, when pressure is retained)

  • Dramatic energy-saving by reducing the motor rotating speed under pressure-retained condition
  • DAIKIN original high-efficiency IPM motor for air conditioners and high-speed response inverter are adopted       (EHU40R/30R/15R).
  • SR motor, which has low inertia, is adopted (EHU14/25/30).

High-speed response
high-speed response inverter and nonslip synchronized motor control is adopted.

  • Response equivalent to or higher than conventional variable displacement pump (Pressure retained ⇔ maximum flow rate:0.1 sec or quicker)

Autonomous energy-saving pressure/flow rate control
Supplies required flow according to load condition by monitoring oil pressure loads.

  • Holds necessary pressure and operates at the minimum rotating speed required to compensate for leakage from circuit in retaining pressure.
  • Rotates at high speed and supplies required flow when hydraulic actuator operates.

Easy installation and operation
Easy operation and monitoring

  • Only connect to 200V commercial power source to operate.
  • Pressure and flow rate can be set on the touch panel.
  • Pressure and flow rate are legible displayed in digital.

Super Unit



Energy-savings of 50% (20.6MPa at pressure retained) is realized to give extraordinary cost performance.

  • Air-conditioning motor inverter technology and tandem pump selecting control technology are fused to attain high energy saving effects.
  • Not only at retained pressure but also in the field of general industrial machinery where actuators are frequently operated, such high-efficiency motors will greatly reduce power consumption and other energy savings.

Low heat generation
In view of the energy-saving goal, generation of heat is dramatically suppressed and the load to the air-conditioning unit is low.

  • This reduces the load on the air-conditioning unit.Saves energy that generates heat providing the following benefits:
  • Preventing rise of oil temperature and deterioration of operating oil
  • Space savings and the reduction oil capacity given that tank size is reduced
  • Eliminates the need of an oil cooler
  • Suppresses the load on the air-conditioning unit

Low noise
Low noise 60dB (A) (20.6MPa at retained pressure) is achieved. In all of the operation areas, the noise is 70dB (A) or less.

  • The motor is controlled at a lowest optimum speed under retained pressure condition by the inverter which achieves the extremely low noise level.
  • The phase-differential tandem pump attains low pulsation and low noise (Double-pump specification)

Multi-step pressure / flow rate control
Pressure and shock-less control is possible by use of software & control.

  • Pressure and flow rate (PQ) characteristics with 4 an up to 16 patterns are preset by the control unit.
  • Selection and input of these patterns on the main machine side, making staged pressure and flow rate control easily managed.

Communication / remote control
Remote control of multi-step pressure/flow rate (Function: -C)

  • With commercial PLC* equipped with RS232C communication function, touch-panel display and others on the machine side, pressure/flow rate, acceleration/deceleration time constants and other parameters can be set and displayed.Therefore, remote control of multi-step pressure/flow rate, monitoring pressure and other functions are also available.
    *PLC: Programmable Logic Controller

Piston pumps/Motor pumps



  • Low noise
    • Realized low noise operation in overall pressure area on each series.
  • High efficiency
    • Oil temperature rise can be reduced due to the less power-loss. Accordingly, it is possible to design the tank in small size.
  • High reliability
    • High response, high stability, and long life make it possible to increase the reliability of the main machine.


  • High density of displacement
    • The adoption of a cradle swash plate makes it possible to cope with both compactness and high pressure. Accordingly, the output per an unit weight has been increased.
  • Low operation noise
    • The increased stiffness of the swash structure and the housing shape, which has been developed by the latest measurement and analysis technologies, make the operation noise reduce extremely.
  • High efficiency
    • The spherical valve plate and the suitable oil pressure balance enable it to keep a steady state under the broad range of the operative conditions, resulting in high efficiency.
  • Long life
    • The adoption of the spherical valve plate with a superior abrasion resistance makes it possible to strengthen anti-contaminant characteristics.

Rotor pump



  • Low Noise
    The adoption of our own low noise technology realizes to reduce the operation noise so great as 10~15dB (in comparison with our own products) and improve the sound quality.
  • Compactness
    The one housing structure enables it to shorten the length so much as 40% in comparison with our existing models. It results in easy handling and compactness of the machine.
  • Low pulsation
    The pulsation has reduced by 50% in comparison with our existing models.
  • High reliability
    Because of the hermetic structure such that the shaft is not out of the casing, it doesn’t need an oil seal and no oil leak will happen. Besides, the temperature rise in the motor coil is small due to the motor oil cooling structure. Consequently, the structure makes it possible to operate pumps in a long term overload conditions.
  • Coping with CE
    Since these models are equipped with the terminal box of IP54 based on the International Standards (IEC34-1 and others), the models are the best suited for coping with the Europe safety standards (CE).


Vane pumps/Gear pumps



  • Low noise
    Since the size of the suction port is wide enough, small resistance through suction port enables to realize low noise.
  • High efficiency
    The side clearance is always kept constant by the cushion plate system. Accordingly, the pump can maintain stable and high efficiency without seizure and abrasion.
  • Low pulsation
    Since the cam ring can minimize the displacement variation, the operation sound is quiet and the pulsation is small, resulting in gaining the stable performance.


  • Low noise and low pulsation
    Since the cam ring which enables to minimize the displacement variation, the operation sound is quiet and the pulsation is small, resulting in gaining the stable performance.
  • High reliability
    Good pressure balance can be kept due to the structure which maintains complete oil equalization. As a result, a long life is promised because an eccentric load will not be on the shaft and bearing.


  • This is a motor pump that TFP type gear pump and electrical motor are built in one body.