Super EcoRich

Daikin Super EcoRich


Ultimate energy-saving 95%

Ultimate energy-savings is realized by use of the idle stop function.

  • The Super EcoRich ensures ultimate energy-saving by providing our idle stop function which stops the pump under pressure-retained condition.

Compact design

Additional energy-savings is realized as a result of reduction in heat generation. Our design allows for a smaller tank size and reduces operating capacity by 60% (in comparison with EcoRich).

  • Operating capacity is reduced by 60% in comparison with Daikin EcoRich.
  • Tank size is reduced by 50% due to the amount of operating oil required is significantly reduced.

Six axes pressure control

Solenoid valves may be equipped up to six control axes.

  • Solenoid valve operation is an integral function of the hydraulic unit. Main machine is required only to execute commands.
  • Solenoid valves are equipped starting at three control axes and up to six control axes as required.

Improving the processing accuracy of machine tools

The processing accuracy of the machine is improved through suppression of heat generation.

  • Heat distortion is reduced through the use of our idle stop function. This function improves the processing accuracy of the machine.
  • Through the control of pressure and solenoid valves, pressure surge is reduced when hydraulic actuators cycle (I.E. clamp and unclamp functions)

Easy maintenance

Easy maintenance and reduced operating oil

  • With a low heat generation, the traditional oil cooler is eliminated. With the oil cooler being eliminated, the need to clean dust and oil mist is a thing of the past. The ease of maintenance also adds to the ease of mind not having to be concerned about monitoring operating oil temperature rise or fluctuation.
  • Our tank size is significantly reduced to 5 liters. Maintaining and disposing of operating oil is dramatically simplified because of the low heat generation advantage. An added key benefit is the reduction of environmental impact.