AKZ(Circulation type)


Daikin AKZ(Circulation type)


  • High-accuracy type with inverter compressor and electronic expansion valve
  • Circulation type Oil Cooling Unit (Built ?in circulation pump)
  • Closed type cooler
  • New refrigerant R410A (Modulus of rupture of ozone layer:0)
  • Temperature control in low-load range attained by wide cooling capacity control
    (Conventional:10~100%→8 series:5~100%)
  • Wide operating temperature range (Room temperature: 5~45℃, Inlet oil temperature:5~50℃)

Application examples

・Machine tools: Machining center, NC lathe, Grinding machine, NC special-purpose machine, NC electric discharge machine, etc.
・Industrial machinery: Molding machine, Press, etc.

Application examples of machining center

Daikin akz8-series-application